Choosing The Right Sourcing Company Is Critical To Your Success

Sourcing products from overseas can be very frustrating, tedious, and challenging it’s worth the effort to choose a reliable sourcing company.

The right sourcing company will free up your time, save you money and energy, and kick your frustrations out the door.

But you have to watch out because choosing an unreliable sourcing agent will do just the opposite, bringing you more headaches, and wasting your time and money.

Here Are Seven Tips To Find A Trustworthy Sourcing Company

  1. Business License.

Like every business, you need to find a sourcing agent who is licensed. This means they have the legal jurisdiction to work.

Don’t be shy about asking a sourcing company for its license.  If they are shady about providing it, you’ll know pretty quickly they’re a scam and save yourself plenty of time and energy.

  1. Experience and Specialization.

The more experienced a sourcing company is, the faster and more secure its processes will be. They will have shorter lead times, lower product costs, and the highest quality product from suppliers.

Most sourcing company websites tell you since when they’ve been operating, so you have an idea of how long they have been in the game.

It’s also a good idea to look for a sourcing company that specializes in your industry.

This is key because the sourcing company will provide timely work, have access to high-quality products, and be able to strongly negotiate on your behalf from its wealth of knowledge and contacts in that particular domain.

In the end you will have a fantastic product that’s well made and at your preferred pricing point.

  1. Testimonials.

Check out the sourcing company’s previous projects, partnerships, and recommendations. Sure, you may only hear one side of the story, but this will help you figure out whether the company is trustworthy and what experience you will have working with them.

  1. Language.

If you can’t communicate with ease with the sourcing company, you’re going to struggle. Make sure to find one that has the languages to communicate clearly with you and the chosen market language where the manufacturer or supplier is based.

  1. Location and Flexibility.

It is best to choose a sourcing company that is based in or near the location of where your product will be sourced.

It will save you travel costs, and it means the sourcing company is on the ground, able to keep a close eye on your product throughout its manufacturing process.

  1. Supplier Network.

The sourcing agent you choose should have an extensive supplier list of reputable factories that is quickly and easily accessible.

This speeds up the process and ensures you will get the most competitive price for your product.

  1. Transparency.

You want to minimize any miscommunication in every aspect of your dealing with the sourcing agent.

This is your product, after all, so you need to find a sourcing agent who is completely transparent.  That means knowing and understanding all costs involved and all elements of production.

Bonus Tip:

In order to choose a reliable sourcing company, select a number of sourcing companies to compare their details and offers, then ask for quotes and samples, and compare their prices.

Watch out for prices that seem too good to be true, and don’t be afraid to walk away if something doesn’t feel quite right.

Make sure to choose the sourcing company that offers services closest to your specific needs.

At Arcadia Sourcing, we’ve been in the game in Hong Kong and China for over a decade.

We help you source, build, manufacture and ship your products from China to your doorstep.

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Our expert international team has over 30 years of experience combined, and has access to high-quality suppliers in China that have been thoroughly checked.

We carry out a thorough and proven process to ensure you have the best-suited product or manufacturer at competitive prices every single time.

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Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Souring Agent.

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